Meetings with August in English

Reflections on Miss Julie in a cultural context

The 3rd year students at ISSR in Stockholm have studied Miss Julie as part of their study of works in translation in the subject English A: Literature. After discussing the play in smaller groups, all students wrote a reflective statement of 300-400 words in which they explain what they learnt in the discussion. In the file below you will find a more in depth description of the process and a sample of the students reflective statements!

Medioteket tipsar!

  • Projekt Gutenbergs webbplats finns verk av Strindberg på engelska, liksom även på Alex Catalog of Electronic Texts o the Internet.
  • En webbplats på engelska som innehåller en hel del intressant är The August Strindberg Society of Los Angeles, ett sällskap vars syfte är att framföra, visa och läsa verk av dramatikern Strindberg i USA.
  • Librivox kan man ladda ner och lyssna på verk av Strindberg på engelska, bland annat Countess Julie/Fröken Julie.
  • Strindberg on BBC Radio 3 - radioprogram på engelska som utforskar August Strindbergs liv och verk, som författare, fotograf och konstnär.
  • Läs om Strindberg på engelska i Kirjasto, författarlexikon.
  • Novellen Ett halvt ark papper finns att läsa på närmare 30 språk på webbplatsen . Där kan man också lyssna
    på novellen, inläst på nästan 35 språk!

August Strindberg's Flying Circus
The aim of Flying Circus, performed by a collective of university students was to open a window into the mind of the mad master of modern theatre through a cabaret of music, film, dance, readings, theatre and live cartoons. The cabaret opens with a short Pythonesque film biography by James Van Niekerk about Strindberg "who was the Marilyn Manson of his day" and got "the Mel Gibson treatment" for his foul-mouthed pronouncements on women.

Information by Kevin Prokosh, Winnipeg Free Press

Thanks to Malin Lundkvist at Sågbäcksgymnasiet!
You can watch the film below!

Liljevalchs tipsar!

August recently had the flu, he notices blue spring clouds and two sets of keys are mysteriously mixed up. He has an awkward sensation in his left ring finger and states that he has been accosted by a girl. But how about the gold-making? August Strindberg (22 January 1849–14 May 1912) Swedish playwright, novelist, poet, essayist and painter novelist, playwright, poet, painter, photographer, scientist, pundit, rabble-rouser, traveller, autobiographer, letter writer. Liljevalchs, the art venue, lets August himself do the talking in preparation of (and during) our major Strindberg exhibition in the autumn of 2012.

Follow August! Strindberg blogs, twitters and facebooks from his Occult Diary.

The entries are from the Occult Diary – August’s legendary diary in which he chronicles events, thoughts and observations from 1896 to 1908. Every entry will be published on the correct date, with a delay of some hundred years.
The entries have been selected and transcribed from a facsimile, an exact photographic copy of the original manuscript. They are published in English at and may be followed on and We can not promise that August will write an entry every day, as he is a very busy man – but he will do it frequently. In brief, follow August and check out what he does, thinks and writes on a particular date some hundred years ago.

You will find August here:

More on the project and the working team:
More on the exhibition:
PS. Participate in our Occult Mistake Competition! Once a month there is a mistake in August’s diary, an entry that does not fit in time or space. Find and report the mistake by filling out the competition form each month, during 2012. First come wins! Super Liljevalchs-related prizes!
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